Here’s a cheer to a great product: Google Keep.

Google sometimes reminds us they can actually build good products and Keep is one of those reminders. Launched in 2013, Keep is a simple note taking/organizing app. It is an alternative to Evernote, Microsoft’s OneNote and what Dropbox Paper would’ve liked to become (sorry, cheap shot, I know).

“A note taking app, how hard could it be to make something good and successful” you ask? Truth is, it’s never easy to create and maintain multi-platform apps (web, android, ios), have hundreds of millions of users (even with the help of the Google brand and Android integration) and get good reviews. Just ask Evernote and their recent string of screw ups.

Keep has managed to keep (heh) the UI minimal but powerful, and the apps (generally) bug-free. But the most important thing: the core functionalities work very well.

Hopefully Keep will continue to follow its current product philosophy.