A recommended reading to get a little understanding of how things operate on the other side of the World.

“More Chinese Mobile UI Trends” 1 and “Chinese Mobile App UI Trends” (December 2014)

Quick Summary:

  • user ranks (i.e. gamification)
  • chaotic overlays (if you thought Snapchat was confusing then you’re in for a treat)
  • weird icons (‘cause it’s Asia)
  • they type differently over there (which translates into a different use case for the keyboard)
  • custom browsers (oh boy…)
  • limited connectivity (which reminds me that you should read this, icymi)
  • 1 click buy (suck it, amazon!)
  • bots! (take that, google!)
  1. If you’re still seeing “JANUARY 31, 2015” in the article, ignore it, it’s actually from 2016. I guess they also count time in a different way over there, ah, ah, ah…